15 Must Watch Climate Change Documentaries

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, we all know by now that everyone is safest to stay at home as often as they can.

This has been my first week working from home and I've already realized the importance of one's mental health while being at home by yourself. I've found it important to still maintain a schedule and have boundaries for yourself. Exercising, reading, writing, painting, cooking, or finally getting done that home improvements list you've been putting off.

I think it's equally important that we also take this time to get in touch with ourselves, to listen to our mind and body and what it truly needs. Take this time to deeply reflect and rest. We all work so hard everyday, most of us for jobs we don't even like that much. Take this time TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST (!!!).

There has already been talk about how this virus will effect the environment in a positive way, the earth finally gets a chance to breath when we slow down.

With that being said, while I try to be productive during the day time - I'm still taking this opportunity to relax and catch up on TV shows and movies that I've been wanting to watch at night.

I've made a list below of documentaries (mostly available on Netflix) that talk about climate change, how we got to where we are today and why it's important to act fast. During times like now, it's important to keep learning or to keep the mind working.

I've already watched most of the below, and they have all inspired me in many ways, I hope they do with you as well.

Please share with me any documentaries, books, anything you've come across that have inspired you.

1. A Plastic Ocean - Talks about the environmental impact of plastic pollution in the ocean.

2. Cowspiracy - Talks about how big of an effect the livestock industry has on climate change.

3. The True Cost - Talks about the injustices within the fashion industry.

4. Happy - Talks about what the root of happiness is. Not on Netflix but on YouTube and Amazon to buy or rent.

5. Forks Over Knives - Talks about how the meat and dairy industry affect our own health and the environments'.

6. Before the Flood - Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, he takes a deeper dive into finding the truth behind climate change.

7. No Impact Man - About a man and his family who go a whole year without any impact on the environment (no plastic, no electricity, no waste). Not on Netflix but on YouTube and Amazon to buy or rent.

8. The 11th Hour - Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio on climate change and what will happen if we don't act now. Not on Netflix but on YouTube or Amazon to buy or rent.

9. Oceans - Talks about animals and the importance of oceans. *it's a Disney film so good for kids!

10. Chasing Coral - Talks about the importance of coral reefs in the ocean and the impact climate change is having on them.

11. Tomorrow - An uplifting film that talks about people with creative ideas on how to make the world a better place. Not on Netflix - but on YouTube or Amazon to rent or buy.

12. The Ivory Game - Talks about the hunt for elephant tusks, and what goes on that we don't see. These animals are facing extinction because of it.

13. Minimalism - Talks about over consumption and questions if we should place such a high value on materialistic items.

14. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power - A follow up on An Inconvenient Truth documentary. Specifically discusses how America is still not doing enough. Not on Netflix but on YouTube and Amazon to rent or buy.

15. Mission Blue - dives deep into oceanographer and scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle and how much the oceans and their ecosystems have changed in her lifetime.

If and when you watch any and want to discuss further, please don't hesitate to reach out!