Adidas Creates 100% Recyclable ​Sneaker

It's no secret that Nike and Adidas are competitors. Last week I shared Nike's new sustainable sneaker collection to be released this summer. Earlier this week I came across a post on Instagram by Adidas with Willow Smith advertising their new sneaker that is 100% renewable. Adidas's used phrase,"made to be remade".

This is not Adidas's first time shedding light on environmental issues. Adidas partnered with Parley in 2016 where they took plastic collected from beaches and coastal lines and broke it down into a thread and made sneakers and athletic clothing. This brought awareness to the amount of plastic being dumped into the ocean, and a start to a solution to reduce the amount entered. You can still purchase Adidas x Parley online here.

Adidas Future Craft takes it a step further than reusing plastic this time; now Adidas is shedding light on the idea of a circular system. Most companies use a linear approach: a product is made, bought, used, and then thrown away. A circular system focuses on all of what is listed above plus how to take what is being thrown away and to make it into something new. This new sneaker is made from 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a specific type of plastic that has many different types of properties which makes it easy transforable into different textures and consistencies. Because the entire sneaker is made from TPU, no part of the sneaker needs to be deconstructed before melting back into original form to be remade into a new sneaker.

Adidas has a whole section on their website explaining the sneaker and giving some depth to the how and why behind Future Craft. They hope that those who purchase these sneakers will send them back to Adidas to be recycled. Adidas has yet to release dates when the sneaker will be available to purchase on their website, but I did see in an unboxing video that it won't be until 2021. I am not 100% sure how accurate that date is though. They also did not discuss further details on how the consumer will return sneaker once they are done using the sneaker. They have also created an amazing video behind their purpose which I will link below.

Adidas took a step back and rethought everything they ever knew about making a sneaker and challenged it, and the result is truly amazing. I urge more companies to rethink their own design process and see what new innovative ideas they can create into a reality.

Image from Sneaker News

While Nike and Adidas are competitors, they both took on a different approach to sustainability. Nike focused on using natural dyes and using up leather scraps before they are discarded and created illustrations on the sneakers to spread awareness. Adidas created a single sneaker, in one color, and focused solely on plastic recycling and eliminating waste altogether, but one would only know that the sneaker s 100% recyclable if they were kept up to date with the brand. To me that shows that Adidas cares more about doing something good than sharing with everyone that they are.


Adidas Future Craft Sneaker

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