Climate Activists you Need to be Following

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The more I started educating myself on Climate Change and Sustainable Fashion, the more influencers, activists and resources I came across.

My Instagram feed used to consist of memes, fashion influencers, brands, and celebrities. Recently I’ve geared my focus to follow more accounts that support climate change, sustainable clothing brands, animals(obviously), and people who I find to be inspiring and motivate me everyday to be better and do better. (With some memes still here and there for comedic relief.)

Social media is a great tool for staying informed and connecting with other talented people. It can also be a place that triggers a lot of negativity, useless or fake information, and people that are just... there promoting diets or brands that tend do more harm than good. I call this an “artificial reality”.

I’ve realized how much social media can effect someone’s mood both positively and negatively. Which is why I “filtered” out the artificial reality accounts because it added nothing to my life. It almost distracted me from focusing on what matters to me most.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite accounts that are using their platform to bring awareness to climate change and other social issues.


Malala: OG activist, if you don’t know who she is, stop reading this post and google her. Seriously.

Autumn Peltier: Native American Climate Activist, also known as the “Chief Water Commissioner“ for Ontario Indians. Oh, she’s also only 15 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, which has funded 200+ projects and giving away $100,000,000 in grants. Also released a documentary partnered with National Geographic called “Before the Flood” (it’s on Netflix, go watch it.)

Greta Thunberg: 17 years old, making waves around the world. She started a school stoke for climate change which has impacted schools and children all over the world. Super inspiring.

Joaquin Phoenix: One of his most recent notable works was in the film, The Joker. His acceptance speech talked about climate change and it was quite moving. Click here to watch if you haven’t already.

Isobelle Jones: 16 year old photographer that brings awareness about the importance of conservation. Her photographs are beautiful.

Xiye Bastida: 18 year old Climate activist leading strikes in NYC. She also is apart of the People’s Climate Movement and the Friday’s for Future in NYC. Xiye is also a member of the indigenous Mexican Otomi-Toltec nation.

Non-Profit and NGO Accounts

EcoAge: Based in the UK, they are technically a consulting agency. They send out a weekly newsletter with current events, fashion, and overall tips on how to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fashion Revolution: Started the movement #whomademyclothes. They also release a yearly sustainability report that compares brands on their transparency and genuine support of climate change and equal rights. Not only are they super informative but they share information in a way that makes you want to get involved.

Future Earth: Instagram account giving you up-to-date news and informing its followers on harsh realities we may not be aware of.

Clean Clothes Campaign: Works towards improving working conditions of those in the global garment industry.

Eco Textile News: A newsletter that you have to pay for (sigh) but gives accurate, scholarly news and innovations on a global level. Good news is that their Instagram is also informative (and free).

Pay Our Planet: This is probably my favorite Instagram account. The photos that are featured on here are beautiful and breath taking.

Earth Alliance: Another account that featured amazing photos of nature and wildlife.

The Slow Factory: Account standing up for social and environmental justice. Gives some shocking facts and statistics.

Blueland: They have their own cleaning products but dedicate their Instagram account to give advice on how to swap out single use plastic and other single use items.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Dedicated to changing the fashion industry to be circular.

Sustainable Fashion Forum: Holds a 2 day conference every year. Their account is a great resource to follow For sustainable fashion updates.


Here are some people that aren’t necessarily climate activist but I vibe with them.

Deliciously Ella: she has a good blog on delicious vegan food recipes

Immy Keys: An advocate for a vegan lifestyle and kindness, her illustrations are cute and you even learn some tips on being vegan!

Robin Arzón: She is the VP and head instructor at Peleton. Pro tip: you don’t have to have the bike or treadmill to download the Peleton app and take their workout classes! I only take Robin’s classes typically because she just gives me life on a whole different level.

Katie Wilcox: Everyone that knows me personally knows how much I love this women. Founder of Healthy is the New Skinny (it’s also a book, to read it if you want to change your outlook on life). Also founder of Natural Model Management. She speaks up about in just social situation and is a voice in revolutionizing beauty standards.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite accounts you follow inspire you!