Having a Purpose + Special Announcement

For a while, I was defining my success by what I thought I was supposed to be doing and achieving. And it was going well for me - I was checking off all the boxes, working hard, and accomplishing my goals. But then I realized that it wasn't very fun, and when I accomplished a goal, I didn't feel that great. It was more of a, "okay, that's done. What's next?". I was constantly thinking about my future and not being present in my day to day. When I started to question what I was doing, why I was doing it, and if this is something I actually want - a lot more questions flooded in.

Along my journey of trying to be successful, I realized I didn't have a purpose. I had a lot of ideas, some dreams, but no idea (or funds) on how to make these a reality. I knew my worth, my validity behind my ideas, but other's doubts and lack of interest got to me for awhile.

Writing my blog is my outlet to express my ideas, my passion, and my purpose. I want to educate other's about issues that are impactful to our everyday life. Spreading information that has impacted me and passing it along to you. I genuinely want to be apart of a big change in this world, I think we are all at a point in time when change is needed more than ever. I want to not only educate, but be apart of the solution, and provide solutions in any way I can.

The recent Climate Clock in NYC revealed that we only have a little over 7 years before our carbon budget is exhausted. That really isn't much time. While there are a lot of people, corporations, and even some governments striving for change - we need more, at a faster rate.

While I'm only one person, I can say that it only took one person to inspire me to open my mind to the injustices and the idea of sustainability. It only takes one person to make a difference in a person's life. Writing is something I will always be passionate about and will continue to do as long as I live - if 1 person reads it or 1,000 people read it. Staying true to my identity and my purpose while continuing to grow, share, create, write, and educate myself - that's the path for me that keeps me present day to day, that makes me excited about success. Helping people, giving people a voice that can't be heard, putting myself first, believing in myself, and helping create a better future for the planet and future generations is my purpose.

With that being said, I still love creating, and I did like being apart of the fashion industry. I just didn't like all the unnecessary waste, poor treatments, and environmental cost. I couldn't keep turning a blind eye. But those aren't necessary - fashion can be low impact, fun, and supportive of the planet and people. I haven't gone back to work in the fashion industry and I'm not sure if I ever will unless it is with a company that shares similar morals.

The past few months I have been trying to find a product and a creative outlet for myself other than writing. A lot of my ideas required a good chunk of money to get started, and the longer covid went on, my bank account continued to deplete. So I'm starting small, which bring me to my special announcement... hand painted denim jackets.

Why? Denim jackets are a timeless piece that is likable to almost everyone. If constructed properly, they should last next to forever. I bought second hand so I was not buying something new and unnecessary when there are so many better denim finds available. My knowledge of fashion development helped me pick decent jackets. It also diverts the jackets from ending up in a land fill if they weren't bought. I hand painted them to give them uniqueness, using non-toxic fabric paint (supporting a eco friendly company that plants trees and made in the US). The designs I created are fun, lighthearted, but also can be that little statement piece in your wardrobe.

I will also be selling handmade scrunchies in a variety of colors and prints, made from all the fabric scraps I've collected over the years - which normally would of been thrown out, but I hated seeing good fabric go to waste. I didn't know what to do with them until now.

From product, to paint, to shipping, to packaging, I've thought everything through to be as environmentally conscious and low impact as I can. I'm very proud of myself, and so excited to share my little creations with the world!

My jackets and scrunchies will launch on my website on October 1st (1 week from today!!), just in time for fall weather. They will be available to ship anywhere in the US. I will be completely transparent on every item that is available and hope to provide some of you a fun yet environmentally friendly piece that you'll love and wear for years to come. No mistreatment of workers, no harmful chemicals to process, compostable packaging, and supporting a small business.

This is just the beginning for me, and any and all support helps! Not just purchasing, by liking, commenting, sharing, reading, or subscribing all helps and supports me. None of it goes unnoticed, and hearing friends and family tell me about small changes they have made in their shopping habits or at home is just as rewarding.

Concerns? Questions? Want to collab? Reach out! I'd love to hear from you about anything and everything. Until then - mark your calendar for October first and make sure to check out my shop. đź’ž