JUST WATER: Raising the Standard for Bottled Water

Monday's can be a drag. The weekend is over and for most of us, that means back to work, and the countdown until Friday starts over again. Every Monday I'd like to take the opportunity to share something positive. I was inspired by Instagram account @tanksgoodnews. Their account strictly sheds light on acts of kindness, positive news, or simply heartwarming images. While I think it's important to discuss problems and topics that need help or change - I believe it is equally important to share great things that are going on in the world as well. When most news platforms like to discuss only negative or irrelevant celebrity news it's easy to think that the world is all bad. But the point of these posts is to show you that there are good people striving for change and acts of kindness going on and hopefully make your Monday feel a little less like gloomy, or maybe even motivate you to get involved in the change that the world needs right now.

Today, I'd like to talk about Jaden Smith, for those that don't know he is the son of Will and Jada Smith. Jaden is only 20 years old and has become an inspiring entrepreneur. Most recently he is one of the founders for a bottled water company, called JUST WATER. JUST WATER has been around for a few years now but is gaining more and more attention as the topic of sustainability, global warming, and other environmental issues arise. For those of you who haven't heard of the company, or don't know much about them, keep reading!!

JUST WATER is bottled water made from a paper-based bottle and a sugar cane based top, rather than a plastic one. Their resources are responsibly sourced and have multiple certifications such as USDA Organic, B Corporation, FSC Certified, and Rain Forest Alliance certified. See below for more information on these labels, what they mean, and requirements of achieving these labels.

After digging a little deeper, read the below facts about JUST WATER:

- 82% of the water bottle is plant-derived, which reduces carbon emissions by 74% when compared to a sta

ndard water bottle. This bottle is also 100% recyclable and can be reused.

- JUST sources spring water, which uses less energy than bottled tap water.

- JUST is partnered with Glen Falls, NY, where they source their water from. They promised to only take water from Glen Falls after they have taken the amount the community needs. In return, Glen Falls uses revenue from JUST WATER to repair any damaged infrastructure in water systems. This puts money into helping the Glen Falls community rather than taking too much and damaging the community.

- Because their bottles aren’t made of plastic, they can be made on rolls, shipped, and then once arrived at the factory they can be constructed and filled with water. Because they are shipped in rolls, what they can ship in 1 truck would take 13 trucks if bottles were constructed. This reduces the number of trucks and energy during the shipping process.

I chose JUST WATER as the subject of my first Monday motivation post because I believe this is the kind of thinking that will lead us all down the right path for a better environment and world. Imagine if all companies were not only aware of the environmental impact that their company had but also sought out and executed solutions to reduce or potentially reverse the impact. JUST WATER is a perfect example of how a company should be; sustainable, ethical, and completely transparent.

Looking to support JUST WATER? See below for a link to find the closest retailer near you. Target, CVS, Macy's, Stop and Shop, and Whole Foods are a few popular ones.

JUST WATER Store Locator

For more information on JUST WATER, check out their

website: justwater.com

Instagram: @just

For more information on the certifications and labels behind JUST WATER: