Leaf Shave Lifetime Razor Review

I have this rule in my life where when I run out of something and need to buy a replacement, I challenge myself to see if there is a better alternative out there. Slowly but surely I would like to have as close to a plastic free and zero waste home that I humanely can!

Since some of these alternatives tend to cost more upfront so it is important to me to really explore all options and find the best fit for myself. Leaf Shave is a company I was keeping my eye on for awhile and held out on buying because a shaving kit is around $80-$113.

When the time came and I ran out of my plastic razors I went ahead and bought the shaving starter kit. After some quick math I learned that even though it felt expensive - the most expensive kit which comes with a razor, razor stand, 100 blades, and a tin to store old blades to recycle - I still am getting 33 razors which breaks down to about $3.42/each. That's with using all three blades, you can use 1 or 2 if you like which would lower the cost even more. A package of 50 (but actually 100 after you break them in half) replacement costs $14 which breaks down to $2.36/each replacement. Before I would buy whatever 5 blade razor that looked decent which cost around $10-15 for 2 or 3 razors which breaks down to $5 each. In the long run I'm actually saving money!

Alright so I get my beautiful gold razor in the mail and decide to start with loading only 2 blades into it because I was hesitant how sharp it would be and didn't want to cut myself. It was heavier than a plastic razor (obviously) and had a sleek look that made me feel fancy placing it on it's gold stand in the shower.

I was extra careful my first time using it- I tried on my underarms first and made sure to lather up real good and then went for it. It glided so smooth and did not feel harsh on my skin and had no bumps or razor burn after. The only struggle I had was adjusting to the weight which I have now grown to like much better than plastic razors and actually feel more secure with. I added the third blade in and shaved my legs the next day and everything went just as smooth as before. I prefer three blades now and have no issues getting the bumpy areas like my ankles and knees with this razor because of the pivoting head. I have had this razor for almost 2 months now and use it quite frequently and have not cut myself once. I tried shaving every way both with and against the grain and never got any razor burn or irritation. The blades for me last around a month so the starter kit will last me awhile (almost 3 years!) From then on knowing I just have to spend $14 for the replacement blades to last another 3 years - well seems like a win for me.

This razor is made for both men and women, and for all places body hair grows that is unwanted. The razor comes with lots of information to guide you through the transition to properly care and clean for your new razor. The razor also has a lifetime warranty so if anything happens, Leaf Shave will send you a replacement. The company announced they will be releasing a single blade razor soon at a lower price - a good segway if you're not ready to make a big purchase.

Check out their Instagram for more information on their product as well as videos of the razor in action! If you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to me, Leaf Shave also has great customer service and replies to any questions quickly.