My Favorite Second Hand Shops

Shopping is something we all do quite frequently. Whether it's for clothes, decorations, groceries, or out of boredom - we can all agree there are countless options in person and even more online. Nearly all clothing brands put out new options to buy every week. Our inboxes are flooded with "New Arrival" emails. We have been told that in order to be accepted in the fashion world you always wear new and rarely re-wear clothing items. Every season we were told to update our wardrobe, "out with the old and in with the new". I remember in middle and high school wanting a fresh new wardrobe each year, even if my clothes from the previous year still fit - it was the "cool" thing to do. Even my first two years at college I shopped so much (partially because I worked retail) and was bringing new clothing pieces home every week, and bags of clothes when there were sales.

Now I only buy clothes when I truly need something, and the pieces I buy I make sure I love and won't get tired of wearing. I get creative with styling and accessories if I get bored, and if anything I'll store it away for awhile until it feels new again. Pieces that I've grown out of or no longer have an excuse to wear, I'll give away to friends or hang out on my front gate for people to take for free. Because I have switched my mindset to having pieces that will last forever, I'm not afraid to buy the higher ticketed items (a degree in fashion also helps) because I know they should last longer, and come from a brand that supports their workers and our environment. This past year, maybe even 8 months or so I have been into second hand shopping. There are so many options out there and the experience feels no different than typical online shopping.

Buying items second hand is one of the best environmentally friendly purchases you can make because you're giving something a second life when it normally would of went to a landfill. There are a lot of small vintage shops online, that I've found through Instagram that have their own personal style to them so you can almost always count on them to have pieces you like, rather than searching through racks and racks of clothing. When I am in need of something I now turn to second hand shops first rather that buying new. I encourage you to give it a shot too!

Here are some of my go-to second hand shops that aren't the typical ones you may be familiar with like Poshmark, ThreadUp, and Depop (which are all great, but can be overwhelming to look through) click the images below to see their Instagram's.

Barnaby Jack

Barnaby Jack Vintage offers timeless, modern, vintage clothing, accessories, and decor. It gives off a modern, aesthetically pleasing boutique vibe. All their items are very affordable. Follow their Instagram to stay in the loop of newly added pieces.

Briar Mae Vintage

Briar Mae gives off more of a casual, slightly preppy vibe. They offer women's clothing (mostly t-shirts and sweaters) and also show baby and home but no items listed under those categories just yet. All the item's listed on their website are affordable as well.

Roam Vintage

Roam Vintage offers minimal, flowy, everyday basics. From linen dresses and pants, biker shorts, to oversized graphic tees. They are a great place to shop and definitely won't break the bank. Roam offers clothing, home goods, and a few accessories.

Shop Stressed

Shop stressed is another small shop offering clothing, home decor, and kids items. Also at an affordable price, you can find vintage items (even some designer) that are monochromatic, and very simple. They currently have little to buy on their site, but I'm sure once the pandemic is less severe, there will be more items available.

Revival Vintage

Sophisticated, vintage, colorful, and bold pieces. If you're not into the minimal style, this is the shop for you. While they don't yet have a website, you can view their Instagram to shop current pieces they have for sale (it is also very aesthetically pleasing). These item's are more moderately priced but feel like one of a kind pieces.

Hot Cocoa Vintage

Hot Cocoa vintage has a little bit of everything for everyone. From quirky prints and patterns to basic button front dress to linen pants - your almost guaranteed to find something up your alley. While they only sell clothing, they sell everything from blazers, dresses, pants, tops, and skirts. All reasonable priced.

Style Stream

Style stream also offers a variety of clothing from basic tees to femme dresses. They have second hand baby and kid's clothing and some super pretty unique vintage glass and martini sets - which I'm about to buy.

Fyre Vintage

Fyre has vibrant, street style pieces. A mix of feminine and masculine, modern and vintage. Specifically a lot of blazers, jackets, and oversized shorts. A significant amount of the pieces for sale are under $50. It's a win-win.

Schipper Vintage

Schipper offers feminine, romantic, ditzy pieces - both solids and prints. "A relaxed California Vintage Style". On top of tops, dresses, skirts, and sweaters they also sell bags, belts, shoes, and scarves. All greatly priced.