My Mission

Throughout my life I have been around many people who hated going to work. People who worked at jobs to collect a paycheck and never cared too much about the actual work they were doing. We’ve all been there, myself more than once.

At a young age we are told to get good grades, graduate, go to college, and have a successful career - usually one that makes you a lot of money, because money is what makes the world go-round right? Our parents and loved ones tell us that we can be anything we want when we are young, but as we grow most of us decide on careers that can earn us the most money.

By most of us playing it safe, we often get stuck doing things that we are not passionate about. The things that we are passionate about often get pushed on the back burner and forgotten. Or there are some of us who don't necessarily know what we are passionate about and don't find out until later in life. All of this is okay, and common among many if not all of us at one point in our lives. Sometimes we have to put other things as a priority because at the end of the day we need money for the basics - shelter, food, and water.

But what would happen if we kept our passion alive? If we all worked at jobs we enjoyed and were valued at? Then maybe many of us wouldn't be counting down the days until Friday or the next long weekend. If we spend more time in an environment that we liked, maybe we would be more motivated to make better choices for ourselves and for others.

I always thought that the definition of successful was being the best, climbing the corporate ladder, and making a large sum of money. In result you would be happy and live a great life. But why work so hard your entire life at something you don't love just to get a lot of money years if not decades later? With this mindset I often struggled balancing my time. I worked so much and had little to no time with my friends or loved ones between working, interning, and going to school. I was constantly on the go 7 days a week, having 15-17 hour long days. While my hard work did pay off, I realized I had no time with my friends, or even time for myself. Having time to myself is something that has always been important to me as well as making time for the people I care about. How could I be successful without having others to share my success with? I was so used to putting my all into whatever job or assignment I was doing, I rarely checked in with myself to see what I needed, not just what I thought I needed. I call this airplane mode - where you kind of go through your daily tasks but aren't being present in them day after day.

I ended up getting burnt out, and didn't feel very "successful" at all, even though I was checking off all the boxes that I thought would lead me to success. While I was gaining so much experience, my eyes were also opening up to all the injustices happening around the world. Shortly after that, my definition of success changed. I didn't care about being the best of the best, I just wanted to be a part of something bigger than making pretty clothes. Being the CEO of a fashion brand didn't have the ring to it that it once did. I wanted to be a part of something that makes a positive impact in this world.

So I took what I'm passionate about, and what I'm good at and continued my education on how I can make a difference. Being young and only graduating from college two years ago, I learned that my ideas were not going to be taken that seriously. Especially because profit was not my biggest concern.

Feeling a little disappointed, I decided if I can't integrate my ideas on sustainability into my career right away, I could write about them and share my knowledge and experience with you. Changing the way we make and buy clothes is what I'm passionate about. Putting a stop to climate change is what i'm passionate about. Learning about new innovations and connecting and learning with other smart talented people is what I'm passionate about.

I want to spread awareness through this blog, to shed light on the injustices that we don't see. Through conversations with family and friends I've learned that not that many people know about the fashion industry and what goes into making the clothes we buy. Most think that a low priced item is a "steal". While it may save them some money now, most do not know or think about how something like that could cost so little. The older generations tend to shop and buy the cheapest item. For those of us that buy organic because of the pesticides and other chemicals on non-organic produce, why don't we think this way about the clothes that we buy?

I want to share how all those little choices we make actually matter. While it may not directly matter to us, it may to someone else. I want to show you how to change your habits on how we shop as consumers. At the end of day, we all care about our quality of life and we all want to be happy. For those of us that have children or nieces and nephews, we want them to grow with a high quality of life and happiness too. I think that education is important as well as coming together. The impact of a group of people is far more greater than just a single person.

I hope that this blog can lead me to connect with people, to have conversations, and to learn more. I've had this blog for a little over a year now and feel like I have grown so much in just this past year. I'm excited to keep pursuing my passion, even if it doesn't draw in an income. I have a lot of ideas for the near future and hope this blog can lay down the concrete to get everything started.

For those of you that want to learn more or have any questions, please reach out to me! I am so happy to talk about sustainability or anything in regards to the fashion industry. I'd also like to know what you would want to learn more about. I am always open to new ideas or collaborations.