Nike to Release Sustainable Sneaker Collection

Nike Recently released a sneak peek of their sustainable sneaker collection that will become available this summer. I'm happy to hear that more large corporations are getting on board the sustainability train. After digging a bit deeper into the collection, it does appear to be genuine with the information they provided. I would have liked a little more though.

I urge you to always look a little further into brands or companies that claim to be sustainable or ethical. While there are many out there that are, there are also a lot that using sustainability as a marketing tool to get more customers. This is called greenwashing. If you‘re interested to know what to look for and how to look if a company is being genuine or not - comment below or contact me and I'll share some info that has helped me filter through the fancy words and B.S.

On a lighter note - Nike's sneakers look super fresh, fun, and sustainable.

How is it sustainable? Read below:

- Nike is using plant-based dyes, which reduced chemical footprint and pollution.

- One of the sneakers is made from recycled material, flyknit, that Nike would have otherwise thrown away and it would have ended up in a landfill somewhere. Nike VaporMax 2 Random is made from 75% of recycled material.

- The Nike Flyleather Earth Day Pack uses a "flyleather" fabric made from 50% recycled leather scraps. Typically the process of creating leather is extremely pollutive and dangerous to factory workers because chemical and toxins are so harsh. Nike takes the 50% leather scraps from the factory and 50% other synthetic fibers and uses a special machine that presses them into one fabric. This process also uses less water than typical leather manufacturing would require.

- "flyleather" looks and feels like genuine leather. It's lighter, so more comfortable for athletes or people who are training. But also after testing, Nike found that flyleather is also more durable.

- Flyleather is also more efficient because it is pressed into a roll and be cut exactly to whatever it will be needed to make rather than typical leather has to be cut and sewn together. This process saves a lot of time and creates much less waste.

- Nike partnered with artist Steven Harrington to create some environmental illustrations on some of the sneakers which will bring environmental awareness.

Nike has yet to release the actual date of the collection, or prices, it is just said they will be released summer of 2019. See below some photos of the collection I found on Nike's website.

For more information on the sneaker click here to visit Nike's website.