Organization & Decluttering Tips for Home

One thing I’ve learned on my own journey to creating a more sustainable lifestyle is the idea of simplicity. We have been brainwashed into thinking we need SO much to make us feel fulfilled when more times than not It actually overwhelms us. WHY do we need so many face creams, washes, clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Why do we need so many hoodies, t-shirts, jeans that all serve the same purpose? By simplifying at home, things will naturally stay organized and become less cluttered.

Feeling disorganized, always looking for things, unmotivated or overwhelmed, or just have a lot of clutter hanging around your home? This post is for you.

Which leads to my first tip:

Changing your shopping habits.

We often buy things out of boredom or because in the moment we feel like we need it. Aimlessly waking down the aisles of Target or TjMaxx (these used to be my go-to stores) buying things “I never knew I needed” and turns out I probably never needed in the first place. Try to only buy things that truly add value and will last awhile. Ask yourself if you really need it, if you already have something like it, how often you’ll use it, and how long will you use it. I have created a “wish list” on my phone of all the things I would like to add to my apartment (organization, artwork, rugs, furniture, etc.) By having an idea of what you are looking for shopping helps reduce clutter at home but also will save you some serious cash. Save this money for an epic vacation or for that item you’ve been longing to buy but put off because it was out of your budget.

Give everything a home.

Having bins or containers to put things into to give it a “home” is the biggest tip I can give you. It’s also probably the easiest and more flexible tip. Start room by room and see if where you have everything makes sense. If you don’t use something every day it doesn’t need to be out on a counter or taking up counter space; see if it can be tucked in somewhere else in a new “home”. For example, if you have your blender on the counter but only make smoothies a few times a week- give the blender a new home. Creating less clutter at the places you use most helps keep things cleaner for a longer amount of time. Getting cute bins, racks, and shelves for storage is extremely helpful. Get creative with this, repurpose old items and use as storage. If you don’t care about how things look- use old boxes or take it up a notch and paint some old boxes.

Tidy up daily

One of the most helpful things I have been doing every morning and evening is a quick pickup around my apartment - sweep, dust, dishes, wipe down counters, pick up toys, shoes, whatever is not in its home and I put it where it belongs. This helps me not get overwhelmed and go on a 5 hour cleaning spree in my apartment and then be burnt out after. For those of you that have a bigger house maybe do a quick pickup in the evening and spend 20-30 min in the morning in a designated room each day and rotate throughout the week. Taking the time to put things back where they go- even right after you’re done using it saves you so much time in the long run.

Write everything down.

The easiest thing I do for myself daily is create a to-do list. I set goals for the day, week, and month. This helps me stay on track and have a game plan for the day. Some days I only write down a few things to do while others I book myself up for the entire day. This helps me get a broader view of what my day, week, or month will look like and help me prepare mentally and financially. Checking in on my to-do’s for the next day the night before helps me have an idea of what I’ll be doing and I feel more clear headed waking up and creating a game plan on my morning walk. This helps me not get overwhelmed and forgetful of things that I want to get done.

Have fun with it!

This doesn’t have to be a big task to do. It can be taking a hour a day or a week - whatever time you can afford to dedicate to. Get inspired by change and switching up your habits a bit. The best part? It’s YOUR home so if you don’t like how you’ve rearranged something, you can move it back! Look on Pinterest for fun DIY organizing ideas and look around at secondhand shops for furniture and organizing,

All of these tips I believe are simple but require you to put in the effort to make the habit of doing, and with time you’ll be organizing your spices and fruits. Lol

Share with me some of your organizing and decluttering tips you’ve taken on that have been beneficial to you!