Positive Changes Happening Globally

After taking a short break, I thought it would be best to write this post on positive news I have read recently. While there is still a lot of heartbreaking news, the protesting and speaking up is working and hopefully even more changes will be made for the better.

Amsterdam Adopts Post-Pandemic Green Recovery Plan

Amsterdam is the first city to adopt Kate Raworth's donut economy model. Climate change, health, education, poverty, and equality are all taken into consideration in this model. The goal is to stay in the "donut" where the economy's people are thriving without reaching the environments limits. This system insures that everyone will have the basics of life - food, shelter, water, and gender equality while the needs of the planet will also be met. No person falls into the center of the donut and the environment does not max out its resources - falling to the outside of the donut. If all works well, Amsterdam could be a potential role model for other countries to adopt the donut model for a successful way out of the pandemic for both people and the planet.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Protecting LGBTQ Workplace Rights

On June 15th, the Supreme Court ruled 6 to 3 that all gay and transgender people cannot be fired or discriminated in the workforce under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Previously only 21 states had laws prohibiting sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination in the workforce, now all 50 states will abide by it. There will need to be more clarification in regards to parental leave, bathrooms, dress code or uniforms, and healthcare. This is a long overdue accomplishment for those in the LGBTQ community.

Photo: CNN.com

Juneteenth declared Holiday by Corporations

Nike, Target, Twitter, Square, Best Buy and the NFL have all declared Juneteenth a holiday and are offering paid time off or holiday pay for those who are working. Capital One has stated they will close early for the holiday. Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY has recognized Juneteenth as a holiday for state employees. 45 states previously recognized Juneteenth as a holiday but few offered holiday pay. Juneteenth is not the day slaves were declared free, but the day that slaves in Galveston, Texas found out that they were free - two years after president Abraham Lincoln declared them free. Many brands have faced serious backlash over racist histories while others are showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Nike posted a powerful video on social media May 29th saying "For once, Don't Do It".

Supreme Court denies Trump's attempt to end DACA

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was established in 2012 by President Obama which grants young immigrants work authorization and protection from being deported. Trump has always made it known since the beginning of his presidency that he does not support DACA, causing insecurity among Dreamer's across the US. While Trump plans to continue this fight, this puts the minds of the 700,000 immigrants apart of DACA at ease for now. President Obama shared his support and gratitude on Twitter today.