Small Business to Shop

This week's post will be a quick read. In honor of amazon prime day - I thought I'd list some small business that I like to show some love and support. I try to support small businesses as often as I can because I know the sales are impacting their life directly - whether it helps pay rent, put food on their plate, or treat themselves on a dreamy vacation. It inspires me seeing those I care about go after something they are passionate about, why wouldn't I want to support them?! It's scary to start something but the biggest step you take is the decision to just do it. We all bring something special and unique into this world, why not share that talent with everyone?

Elli Wellness

I met Ashley virtually though Instagram, she has a small online shop where she sells environmentally conscious alternatives like fun colored metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable cotton rounds! She also makes her own body butters and scrubs that look amazing. She also offers crystals and handmade jewelry. Ashley is super personable and relatable, and has an adorable little family of her own. Click the image to shop her products!

Immortal Tea Kombucha

This is my favorite kombucha, and it also happens that two people I absolutely love brew it themselves. I have been working with them on their marketing and it has been so much fun. They use REAL FRUIT, simple ingredients - no BS. The great thing about Immortal Tea is that they figured out how to balance the flavors of the tea and the fruit so it isn't too vinegary like other kombuchas I've tried before. They are very in touch with the environment and being careful with waste and having as little of an environmental impact as possible. Click the image to shop their kombucha.

Blomma Handmade

These small batched clay earrings are made by a friend of mine that I went to FIT with! Nicole is multi faceted and also makes the cutest cookies. I have super sensitive ears and stopped wearing earrings for awhile - these didn't bother my ears at all the entire evening I wore them. I was also surprised by how lightweight they were and didn't drag my ear down like some dangly earrings do. You can shop her earrings on Etsy - I've linked her shop in the photo.

The Homebodies

Jules, or known on instagram as @omandthecity is my favorite account for tips on sustainability and how to be more conscious of your decisions. She also has two adorable dogs and a great aesthetic. She recently launched her own shop where she sells items focused on low waste and intentional living. These items include: matcha sets, compost bins, reusable dish brush and soap bar. Def give her a follow!

Simple Kait Designs

Kaitlyn, is a friend from high school (we played with our build-a-bears together) who makes the most amazing signs! All handmade, no stencils used. She's extremely talented, great to work with, and her signs make the perfect gift! She also makes house number signs and corn-hole game boards. Follow her on Instagram to see her work, and DM her if you are interested in purchasing a sign - you won't be disappointed.

Timboardman Art

Tim is a former roommate of mine and friend. He is an actor but spends his free time making acrylic paintings - I need to order pet portraits from him ASAP. He makes his portraits realistic but adds the right pop of color to brighten up any space you hang them in. He can also make digital portraits as well! Give him a follow :)

Corey Harden K9

Corey is a talented dog trainer that helped me SO much with my pup, Levi. He offers dog training, boarding, walking, and makes his own raw dog food. He is super knowledgeable and inspired me to keep up training on my own with Levi but also to keep educating myself on dog psychology. It's so interesting, the more that I learn - the stronger of a bond Levi and I have. If you have a dog that you would like to work on any issues or concerns, he's your guy. Check out his website here.


Charles, an old co-worker of mine turned his side hustle into his main hustle. He also has a broad skill set and is always more than willing to help and support others in any way he can. His business helps others with investments and growing their business. He focuses on creating strong relationships that are positive and supportive, he believes that the only job a person should have is one that they love and are incredibly passionate about.

I hope you found some accounts that interested you! Share some of your favorite small business with me below in the comments.