Sustainability During the Holidays

The holiday season is a bit different this year as Covid-19 is still not under control and there is still a high risk that we will have another big outbreak after the holiday season due to the traveling. I hope that you all make the most of your current situation this year and stay safe and healthy. I've come up with some low-budget and low-waste ideas you can use this holiday season to cheer yourself and loved ones up. It's difficult to find calmness and comfort with everything that has happened in 2020, but as the year comes to an end I think we all have learned a lot and can hopefully go into 2021 with a positive outlook - I know I'm trying my best!

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are thoughtful and can be budget friendly. You can make them yourself (pinterest is full of ideas), buy a package of them or take a cute photo with your fam or furry friends. I guarantee your friends and family will love receiving a card from you. Last year I had a friend of mine make cards for me and I wrote a personal letter to all my friends and family. In many ways, a card with a handwritten letter can be better than the an actual gift.

Wrapping paper

We all love to look at the beautifully wrapped presents under a Christmas tree, but most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because of the thick coating on it. It's said if your wrapping paper can pass the scrunch test - crumple wrapping paper and if it stays scrunched - it's good, if it doesn't stay, it probably can't be recycled. Consider using recycled wrapping paper, plain brown wrapping paper or use boxes and packaging that can be reused or make them as part of the gift.

Gift with intention

Try to make your gifts thoughtful, not just "stuff" just because you need to buy someone something. If you don't know of anything that a person truly wants or needs, you could gift an experience or food. You don't always have to spend a lot of money on something for a gift to mean something to a person. Making your own gifts are great too, they add more meaning to it making it even more special (in my opinion). Body scrubs, lotions, cookie or cake mixes, trail mix etc. Try to support small and local businesses rather than big corporations like walmart and amazon. Receiving a gift from a local or small business adds more value to the gift as well (also my opinion).


We all love getting into the holiday spirit, especially given the year so far. Buy decorations that will last years and years and can be passed down. You can also look at secondhand places to thrift festive decorations like dishes, glasses, etc. Decorations don't necessarily have to have santa's face on them to be festive. LED Christmas lights are better for the environment and your energy bill. Here's a link for some cute DIY christmas decorations (that could also make great gifts). I've been seeing the dried oranges as decorations and I'm dying to try to make some at home!

Remember what the holidays are truly about.

The holiday's aren't about materialistic things. Call your loved ones, write them a letter, bake some christmas cookies with your kids or loved ones, have a friend over, or facetime those over dinner and a glass of wine. Get creative and take the extra time home we are all spending to reconnect and show appreciation for those in our lives. We remember the moments we spend with those we care about more than what they gift us.

How is this holiday season different for you this year? And how have you managed to roll with the punches? Have you made any more conscious swaps to reduce your environmental impact? If you haven't yet - subscribe to my site to receive emails from me on updates, articles, and anything else I find interesting and want to share with you all.