Sustainable Swap: Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

When I first started getting interested in sustainability, I made a rule of trying to buy a better alternative than what I had before until my lifestyle was as close to zero waste as I can humanly go.

Most (not all) swaps tend to be a little more expensive than what I was used to buying so I really wanted to be sure the product would work well and not be a flop. I figured it may be helpful for some of you to learn through my purchases and to figure out if they will work for you.

When I tried to reduce my plastic use, I realized how much plastic I bought regularly. One of my most recents swaps that I was very hesitant about was my bottled shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for bar soap.

Keep reading to learn more about the different products and brands I've tried.


This is the first bar shampoo and conditioner I tried, and I don't feel the need to try out any other brand because I was so happy with this product. I bought their "maintain" shampoo and conditioner bar off of Grove. It has a fresh citrusy smell and is oval shaped with a flat end that you rub directly onto your hair. The shampoo lathers quickly and just as well as a liquid shampoo. It rinsed out well with no problems. The conditioner I had to work in a little more than I would have with a liquid one. My hair brushed out the same and felt clean and light. My hair air dried soft and it doesn't get as oily as quickly. I've only used it a few times so I can't say how long it'll last but on their website it says it should last as long as a 16oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner if not longer.

HiBar doesn't use any plastic in it's packaging and the package can be recycled or composted. All ink is plant based. It has no sulphates, parabens, silicone, and is cruelty free. Two out of the three bars they offer are vegan (the maintain bar has honey). It's also convenient for traveling. All bars are $13.95 each or you can buy in a pack of one shampoo and one conditioner for $26.50.


I purchased the body sampler pack that was $17. It came with two body wash bars, a body polish/scrub, a deodorant bar and a moisturizing butter block. The body wash bars worked well, they didn't lather up as much as I expected but I still felt clean after using and my skin didn't have that tight feeling. The body polish was okay, not my favorite in the box. My skin may of been too sensitive for it. I prefer to make my own scrubs that I feel exfoliate my body better than this one thats in a bar. Deodorant smelled good and went on well, but didn't last all day. I'd recommend throwing this in a gym bag or travel bag for touchups or emergencies. The moisturizer smelled like a dream and worked well, I used it after the shower on dry spots. They offer other sampler packs for hair and skin as well as full sized products. I would definitely buy the bar soaps again but I not 100% sold on any of the other products in the sampler pack. I would like to try their face sampler pack next.

Ethique's products are vegan, cruelty free, and free of plastic and palm oil. They are a certified B Corporation. Their packaging can also be composted or recycled. Body wash bars are $6, face bars are $17, shampoo and conditioner bars are $15/$17.

Love Beauty and Planet

I first tried their shampoo and conditioner, it works well but it's liquid and comes in a plastic bottle, which is made of recycled plastic. I came across this brand while shopping at Target, which also offers bar shampoo and body soap. I have yet to see the bar shampoo at Target but did get the chance to buy the soap. I tried their "radical refresher" coconut water and mimosa flower soap. It has a light smell thats not overwhelming and lathers up well, a little goes a long way. My skin doesn't feel tight and doesn't dry out. I've had the soap for about a month and a half now and there is still a little less than half of the bar remaining. I'd say it lasts 8-10 weeks, for only $5 it's a great deal. I would also recommend using some type of soap holder so it doesn't stick to the shelves in your tub. It's safe to say I will definitely be buying again.

Love Beauty and Planet's products are also vegan, cruelty free, triple milled, and free of sulphates and parabens. Packaging is plastic free and made of recycled materials.

Please send me any soaps or products that you've tried and have loved! Also, feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.