Toothpaste Tablet Product Review

My latest swap I made in attempt to reduce my plastic use was Hello's anti-plaque whitening toothpaste tablets. I was hesitant to try these at first because the thought of crunching up a tablet to clean my teeth didn't sound so inviting. The more I looked into it and read positive reviews I decided to give it a shot.

I was already using Hello's charcoal toothpaste and had no complaints so I figured their tablets couldn't be too different. I ordered the tablets through my grove subscription box, and went into trying the product with an open mind. I got 60 tablets for $8.99, which will last one month. This is a little pricier considering Hello's regular toothpaste tubes cost $5.99 on Grove and lasts me around 2 months...buuut the tablets come inside an aluminum tin and it's plastic free!

The instructions say to pop one tablet into your mouth and chew with your front teeth until the tablet turns into a paste, then brush your teeth as you normally would. My first attempt it felt a little strange chewing my toothpaste, but it quickly turned to paste and when I started brushing I felt no difference between the tablets and regular toothpaste.

I've been using the tablets for about two weeks now, and have not noticed any changes to my teeth, good or bad. They don't feel any more or less cleaner, whiter, or healthier. Safe to say I'm satisfied.

Final thoughts:

I would recommend these tablets as a plastic free alternative to toothpaste, but they do not ship refill packs - so you still end up having to throw out the aluminum tins they come in which is still wasteful in my opinion. For the price, I would of liked to have noticed more of a difference while brushing since their regular toothpaste is cheaper, lasts longer, and does the same job. I want to try Bite toothpaste bits next to compare - you get a 4 month supply for $30, and they ship you the refill packs so you can use the same glass jar forever. They also offer floss in glass jars instead of plastic and mouthwash tablets!

Overall it feels like Bite toothpaste is more genuinely environmentally conscious while Hello is just trying to jump on the bandwagon. I'll be sure to write a follow up on Bite's toothpaste tables once I use up my current one's from hello.