Bought Second Hand, hand painted with love 💞


Size: Large - (could fit a M)

Color: Black 

Other details: Snap front, rainbow metallic zippers on front pockets and sleeves.


   Length from shoulder - 17in 

   Width at bottom - 19in

   Width at chest - 20in

   Arm length from shoulder - 22 1/2in



100% Cotton



Painted with Arteza premium, non toxic fabric paint. Made in the USA.


Care Instructions:

Hand wash or gently wash with like colors in cold water and air dry.

These paints will not bleed onto other clothes. However, it is unknown to me what kind of dyes were used to dye the denim and if it the color will bleed while in the washer or rub off on other clothes (like some denim does). Hand washing and spot cleaning will be the safest bet.

Self Love Baby Boxy Cropped Black Denim Jacket